The Wheeled Body Shield


…a wheeled body shield that affords immunity from rifle bullets and shrapnel when advancing upon fortified positions.  The body of this is constructed of tempered-steel plates, the front so rounded and tempered that bullets strike the surface at an angle and glance off without doing harm…

From Popular Mechanics, November, 1915.


When you think of the bomb-cratered, mud-covered battlefields of World War I, it’s no surprise these never rolled farther than the drawing board.  Between artillery fire and terrain, even early tanks were of limited use.  These would have been caskets.

On second thought, maybe after some modifications they could have been enlisted in the fight against Ming?  The technology looks similar.


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  1. bmj2k  January 31, 2016

    They already look like artillery shells, they should have just shot the soldiers across the battlefield.

    • Jim  February 1, 2016

      Would’ve been a hell of a ride. Sadly things probably would have ended the same way for them.

  2. J.R.D. Skinner  February 2, 2016

    You may laugh at their functionality, but I swear I could use one of these things to deal with the day-job’s BS.

    • Jim  February 4, 2016

      Until some wisenheimer brings a hammer to work and decides to play “let’s ring Skinner’s bell”. Might liven up the morning commute though.


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