Enough Rope


This image is from the ‘popular now’ area of the bing.com homepage.  Isn’t it interesting that it is the parent keeping her child too close (perhaps) who causes the controversy, while another who runs the risk of leaving three children fatherless for the sake of a spectacle goes ignored?  You’d think the man would like his kids enough to use a safety line.

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  1. bmj2k  June 25, 2013

    Nice. Fascinating juxtaposition you discovered. For the record, I am not sure I agree with her theories on parenting (I have no kids but plenty of opinions) but I happen to have a lot of respect for Mayim Bialik. Nic Wallenda, on the other hand, while I am amazed at this stunts and respect his ability, I am also convinced that he must be crazy.

    • Jim  June 25, 2013

      That’s what I don’t get – Wallenda’s acheivements wouldn’t have been lessened with a safety line. Why not use it? Crazy for sure.

  2. JRD Skinner (@JRDSkinner)  June 25, 2013

    Great point.


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