About.com’s Paranormal Phenomena section can make for some  interesting reading, whether you believe in the stuff or not.  Yes, most of the contributions there are probably rubbish but even then you still get a ghost story, and everybody likes those.

They did post this collection of The World’s Most Haunted Places that looks pretty interesting.  Most of the places I’d recognized from other sources television shows, but there were a few I’d not heard of before.

It all makes me long for the old In Search Of…  Which, according to this note on tvshowsondvd.com may be out by the end of the year on DVD!

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  1. JRDSkinner  May 22, 2012

    I grew up mainlining In Search Of…, so it’s great to hear it may actually be seeing a DVD release soon. I’m not much of a ghost believer these days, but I still can’t get enough of the stories.

    • Jim  May 23, 2012

      I had no idea it aired for as long as it did – 146 episodes/6 years. Not a bad run.

  2. bmj2k  May 26, 2012

    Just as an aside, isn’t about.com about the most cheesey, cheap looking, and non-user friendly thing on the web?
    Anyway, I recognized that photo right away since it is on the cover of an old book of haunted places I own. Still, it is an interesting list, the Queen Mary and Waverly Hills being the two places I’d most like to check out. I’ve been in the Whaley House and some other “huanted” places and have yet to have an odd experience.

    • Jim  May 26, 2012

      I’m pretty sure the “Brown Lady” is one of the most famous ghost pics. The Queen Mary would be fun to visit, ghosts or not. Waverly Hills is apparently quite flooded with ghosts (or something). I wonder how often the feeling that old buildings/houses give you, especially when empty, is misinterpreted as something else?


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