Superstitious Panic


Superstitious In Panic?

Hundreds die in earthquakes, yet only the superstitious panic?

I wonder if the Superstitious, who must have been a roving band of hooded and robed miscreants casting spells and causing mayhem, were somehow behind the quakes and feared being found out?

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  1. Skinner  July 18, 2011

    Ha – nice grab. Sort of funny that a story which can essentially be summed up as “Woman Improperly Handles Laundry” outranks “Hundreds Dead In China”

    • Jim  July 19, 2011

      Certainly indicative of a different time. I’m not sure how “we” felt about China when that film was made.

  2. bmj2k  July 20, 2011

    I thought it was a cheaply-made knock-off quake imported from China.

    • Jim  July 21, 2011

      And just try and return one of those if they don’t go off!


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