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Have decades of cover-ups, conspiracies, and tall tales of weather balloons been for naught?  Has evidence the government not only knows about, but knowingly hires aliens been right under our noses since World War ll?

This document clearly states that “…Aliens may be employed on aeronautical, confidential or restricted War or Navy Department contracts.”  They’re here.  And they’re after our jobs.  Employing them for aeronautical work however, is a brilliant idea.

Was the Roswell incident really nothing more than a traffic accident?  Just a couple of guys headed to work in the morning that got into a bit of trouble?  We may never know.

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  1. Skinner  July 21, 2011

    Worse yet, these aliens appear to be falsifying material facts!

    “This fabric is VERY comfortable,” they’ll say, then, wham, it’s a two month space journey to the polyester mines of Quargon IV.

    • Jim  July 21, 2011

      Lost a lot of friends to the polyester mines of Quargon. If not for their sacrifice, the 1970’s would have looked completely different. Rumor has it that Disco was directly influenced by returning minors, still humming the Quargonian work songs they’d sing to pass the time.

      • bmj2k  July 21, 2011

        And that explains Lady Gaga.

        • Jim  July 22, 2011

          Let’s put it on her wiki page. Inspiration: Quargonian folk songs. Parents: Polyester miners.


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