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Undated photo of actress Pauline Frederick as Potiphar’s wife, courtesy of the Library Of Congress flickr page.

A little internet sleuthing reveals Ms. Frederick starred as Potiphar’s wife in a 1913 stage production titled Joseph and His Brethren.

None of that is all too interesting, but when you find a picture of a woman in an Egyptian setting conjuring the future from a crystal ball stuck to the head of a cobra, well, you just gotta post the thing.

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  1. skinner  March 14, 2011

    Great find. Makes me want to re-watch Karloff’s The Mummy.

  2. Jim  March 15, 2011

    As if one needs a reason!

  3. bmj2k  March 15, 2011

    That’s a great find. The Egyptology craze brought about some great images.


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