The Ballad Of Bruno Hauptmann

To be clear, that isn’t really the title of the piece of music you’re about to be subjected to hear.  The song is titled “The Trial Of Bruno Richard Hauptmann” as sung by Bill Cox.  Bill Cox was apparently a West Virginia singer and guitarist. Dare we say a Guthrie of the gallows?  Yes, we shall.


Hauptmann Mugshot

Bruno Hauptmann


      The Trial Of Bruno Richard Hauptmann


Bruno Hauptmann was, of course, the man accused, tried, and electrocuted for committing The Crime Of The Century! That crime being the kidnapping and killing of Charles Lindbergh Jr. in March of 1932.  He was put to death April 3, 1936 by electrocution via Old Smokey, the New Jersey State Prison’s pet name for its electric chair.

For a quick overview on this case, and links to more information, visit wikipedia.

Here’s another piece of newsreel containing 9 minutes of the actual trial, and Hauptmann’s testimony.  He doesn’t do a very good job of proclaiming any innocence here.

That lawyer was like every lawyer I’ve seen on TV!  Hauptmann could have used a Matlock for sure.


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  1. Skinner  November 18, 2010

    I realize I didn’t comment when this originally went up – I just didn’t have much to add. Still, I’ve been by a few times, just to listen to the tune included. People don’t write enough “The True Tale Of —-” songs anymore.

  2. Jim  November 18, 2010

    Aside from Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, I can’t think of one. And that was what? 30 years ago at least. You’re making realize how out of touch with music I’ve become!

  3. Jello Again!  March 6, 2011

    Still Fascinating today…

  4. Shane Brislawn  April 14, 2013

    I grew up listening to this on wind-up phonograph 78 rpm
    totally convinced Me of Richard Hauptmann’s innocence


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