It has been years since I’ve built any models, so long in fact I don’t remember the last, some sort of airplane for certain though, but as I was thinking about a new hobby to get into I remembered the enjoyment I used to get out of building models. Except for the painting. I was always in a bit of a hurry with the painting. A skill that benefits from patience for sure.

I’ve been reading a number of personal accounts from World War I soldiers, few of which have mentioned the tank to any great degree, but I thought that would be an interesting model to start with.


The Mk I Male Tank from Airfix is inexpensive ($5), but at 1:76 scale, it is rather small. I didn’t want to start out with anything too pricey, but I’d like to try a larger version in the future (or get smaller hands and better eyes!).

The assembly is pretty straightforward with this one – which is to say there isn’t very much of it – which is good for getting back into the hobby and brushing up on the skills. Speaking of brushing up, I think that’s where the real work is here. The camo paint job. I hope to investigate some weathering techniques with this as well.


So far I’ve found it all quite relaxing. But that may just be the fumes…