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The art of the unnecessary flourish.

(I have no idea how being magnetic benefits a pair of scissors.)

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I set bing.com as my browser homepage because they've usually got some great images - the cost of which is the strip-'o-news that appears at the bottom of the page, where this example of questionable editing comes from. When I first saw it, that center story was not flanked by Olympic stories and had me somewhat concerned.  Have they really [...]

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Bottle of Red

Looking for a new ink to try fountain pen users?  My guess is it's a little old and dried out, maybe hard to get working.  No word yet on whether or not there's just the one bottle for everyone to share. There's no better answer to socialist nonsense like a little dose of capitalism. If you do want to soil [...]

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The ’59 Plymouth’s Really Got It!

  The 1959 Plymouth Fury, powered by the Golden Commando V8 engine.  I don't know if it ran on testosterone or gasoline, but you can bet it used a lot of it. This commercial is from the Suspense episode on the latest Relic Radio Show. The old jingle's are fun sometimes.

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